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Mini Europa - Parque Europa

Found within Torrejón de Ardoz, one of the nearby towns and a member of the Community of Madrid , the parque is quite sizable and there is adequate space for any activity that you and family or friends might want to engage in. Likewise, you can bring your own food and drinks inside. In fact, there is a portion of the park filled with tables and benches for visitors to eat and rest.

You can stay inside the park, seat on a bench, and be in touch with nature all day long. Varieties of well-manicured plants, bushes, and trees abound, while roads and pathways are well-paved to allow easy access from one place to another. But beautiful flora is not only what Parque Europe has to offer, but attractions and rides as well.

The most popular rides are zip-line, pony riding, and boating along the lagoon. Food stands, restaurants, and vending machines are found in strategic places throughout the park. But its best attractions are the replicas of the premier landmarks and monuments of major European countries. There are at least 17 of these impressive structures, with the Eiffel Tower , London Bridge, and the Trevi Fountain as three of the most popular ones.

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Visit Parque Europa and experience all the fun things that it has to offer. We enjoyed our lunch on one of the picnic tables found near the Puerta de Brandeburgo.

Parque Europa en Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid

Parque Europa is a major attraction of Torrejón de Ardoz, a nearby Madrid town. You can reach this recreational park from Madrid proper by taking Cercanías train C As soon as you reach Torrejon, you will have to take autobus C2 to arrive at Parque Europa. You will reach your destination in under 1 hour, or approximately 45 minutes. The cheapest way to get to the park from Torrejón De Ardoz is by autobus A. Most visitors enter by the front of the Brandenburg Gate, along Paseo de los Cipreses. Silvia 11 marzo, at 3: Muy interesante, tendremos que pasarnos a conocerlo!

Gracias por la idea! Javier 21 marzo, at 8: Natividad 25 agosto, at 1: Virginia 13 marzo, at Cuanto es el embarcadero? Y entrar al temblete?

Have a taste of Europe via these Exciting Mini-European Landmarks

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